How to Be an Exceptional Wedding DJ

26 March 2019
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A DJ is one of the most critical personnel at any wedding. He or she is in charge of setting the mood to ensure guests have a good time at the party. In this excerpt, you will learn how to be a great wedding DJ. 

Be professional. 

Preferably, have a website to provide information regarding the services you offer. The page should contain your contact information and pictures of recent events you have played at. Once a client visits your office, inquire about the date of their wedding to check your availability. Also, ask the following:

  • How many hours will you be playing at the party?
  • Will the client provide equipment such as microphones?
  • What kind of music would the client want you to play as the bridal party enters the premises, after taking the vows and when cutting the cake?
  • Would the client want you to provide extra services such as MC and speaker hire? 

Fixed pricing. 

Most weddings have a tight budget. As such, conduct some research and ensure that your pricing is within industry rates. Have a fixed pricing mechanism as your clients would not be pleased if you surprise them with additional costs.


To protect your business from incurring losses, prepare a contract detailing the terms of the agreement. The contract should state the required deposit and cancellation charges. You should have a flexible cancellation policy. The contract should also indicate when and how payments should be made. 

Visit the location. 

Visit the wedding location to determine how and where to set up your equipment. Ask the client to introduce you to the wedding organising team and the master of ceremony. If you have special requests regarding electrical connections or the sound system, it is vital that you inform the wedding organisers. Set up your equipment on the wedding eve and be punctual on the wedding day. 


Preferably, your dressing should be in line with the wedding theme. Avoid overdressing as you could steal the guest's attention. If you are a celebrity DJ, some of the guests would want to greet or take photos with you. Be friendly with them as they could be your future clients. 

Setting the mood.

Your playlist should consist of wedding-themed songs. Remember to be age and culturally appropriate when playing your music. As such, you should inquire about the age, background, culture and religion of the guests a few days before the wedding. Consider the requests of the guests when playing. 

A good wedding DJ should be professional, affordable, time conscious and smart. Besides, he or she must have an exciting playlist.