Three Things to Consider When Choosing a New Instrument to Learn

5 May 2021
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If you have already learnt one or two instruments and are considering what to try next, there are a few helpful pointers that you should keep in mind. Using an instrument rental is the best way to complete this process because you won't end up having to buy the instrument if you don't love it. Read to learn more about things to keep in mind when visiting and working with a local instrument rental shop.

Try a Different Section

Instruments are categorised in several ways, including orchestra sections such as brass, woodwind, percussion and strings. If you have already tried an instrument (or a couple of instruments) from the brass section but have never tried woodwind, strings or percussion, then now is the best chance to try something new. This will be a little bit harder than sticking within the same section but it will also be more rewarding and allow you to gain insight into a whole new area of music that you might not have paid much attention to before.

Challenge Yourself 

Instrument rental is a great option because this will allow you to try out all the weird and more obscure instruments that you would never want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for. With that in mind, you can try all sorts of more complicated instruments that you would be more hesitant if you weren't renting it. Challenge yourself and really see how far you can go with each new instrument. That is the only way to keep up your passion for music well into your old age, so don't just choose the comfortable option.

Know When to Call It Quits

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to play musical instruments for fun or a new experience is sinking in too much time and then refusing to stop or try something else. Sometimes you just will not click with an instrument and that is totally okay, you can move on and try something else and have a much better time. Taking things too seriously and not allowing yourself to let go is how people fall out of love with playing instruments. If it's been a few weeks or months and you can tell this is not for you, then at least you gave it a real go and you can simply return it to the instrument rental place and move on. 

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