Three Things to Consider When Choosing a New Instrument to Learn

5 May 2021
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If you have already learnt one or two instruments and are considering what to try next, there are a few helpful pointers that you should keep in mind. Using an instrument rental is the best way to complete this process because you won't end up having to buy the instrument if you don't love it. Read to learn more about things to keep in mind when visiting and working with a local instrument rental shop. Read More 

Two Suggestions to Follow When Taking Guitar Lessons

27 January 2021
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Below are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you start taking guitar lessons. Adopt the same position you'll need to be in when you eventually perform When having a lesson, you should ensure that you adopt the position (i.e., either play seated or standing) that you will need to when you eventually perform. For example, if after becoming a good guitar player, you'd like to join a band, become a solo artist or start busking, you should play your guitar whilst standing up. Read More